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1171 Cornhole

1171 Mayhem - 5/9

1171 Mayhem - 5/9

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Introducing the "Mayhem" series of cornhole bags from 1171 Cornhole – where chaos meets precision for an electrifying gaming experience. Crafted with a blend of high-performance materials and expert craftsmanship, these bags are engineered to unleash havoc on the cornhole court while maintaining unparalleled control.

Designed for players who thrive in the midst of competition, the "Mayhem" series features a unique fabric composition that offers exceptional grip and slide, allowing you to execute daring shots with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you're aiming for the perfect airmail or strategically placing blockers to disrupt your opponent's game, these bags give you the edge you need to dominate every match.

With their bold design and dynamic aesthetic, the "Mayhem" series commands attention on the cornhole court. Each bag is adorned with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics that reflect the chaotic energy of intense gameplay, inspiring players to embrace the thrill of the competition and push their skills to the limit.

Built to withstand the rigors of competitive play, the "Mayhem" series is engineered for durability and consistency, ensuring reliable performance round after round. Whether you're competing in tournaments or enjoying a casual game with friends, these bags deliver the power and precision needed to elevate your cornhole game to new heights.

Embrace the chaos and unleash your competitive spirit with the "Mayhem" series of cornhole bags from 1171 Cornhole. Let your throws ignite mayhem on the boards as you rise to the top with unmatched skill, strategy, and determination.


Speed rating of 5/9. 

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